It was with great regret that we've decided to end our journey with BudgetSketch.

5 years ago we had a dream of helping people get a better handle on their finances by learning how to be more intentional about what they did with their money.

We created BudgetSketch out of personal need which extended to helping more than 10,000 people learning how to better manage their money. We're sad to say that over the last 5 years we've been unable to find a sustainable way to maintain and grow the application. We've supported this effort almost exclusively with our own funds, which has now become unsustainable.

If you're an avid BudgetSketch user, we'd like to introduce you to YNAB. We think you'll identify with their philosophy and enjoy their robust user community. If you need to retrieve your data from BudgetSketch, we can help you. Please feel free to email us.

We thank you so much for your support and encourage you to continue looking forward to your financial future!